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Modi Kunj Apartments is the closest society to Chandigarh, its’ only 200 metres from Chandigarh Ambala Highway.

Modi Kunj Apartments is only society in Godown Area, Old Pabhat Road of Zirakpur, which is near Hotel Ramada and many other hotels.

Residents here are enjoying wide road and parking inside the society.

Basic Amenities like Railway Stations, Air-Port, International Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Wholesale Marts are just a throw away.


Our Motto

We live together, stay together and think together.

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Committee Vision

We understand your safety and provide quality service.

Sunil Shorey


Subhash Parashar


Hari Om Gupta

Head Accounts

Sameer Mehndiratta

IT Head


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We understand your requirements and celebrate festivities together:

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Melina Albrecht

Founder, TingTong



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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